Starting a blog sounded like such a simple task yet, I spent 3 hours yesterday designing my new blog and ended up using a pre made design and just altering the colors. This morning a woke up with a sense of urgency to rush to my new computer to start my blog, but my stomach had its priorities, first things first…a healthy breakfast.

Last night we took our exchange student to his first ever baseball game, so after an evening of pigging out on junk food and sharing a 3 foot sausage in a bun with every yummy topping available (everything is bigger in Texas) I needed some real body fuel. I made a yummy green juice with kale, apple, cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon. If you have never juiced, try it, I bet you will like it.

While sipping my breakfast I started planning my weekly menu, my husband requested fried shrimp, beer-battered fish, our exchange student wanted burgers and I always want some form of asian food. After planning my menus my hubby texts me and lets me know his dad and step-mom are coming to dinner tomorrow  night and I need to change the menu for that night. Luckily I am an accommodating wife, so I tweak the menu a bit, instead of making pulled pork sliders, we are having stuffed pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon (gotta impress the in-laws).

This week I will try to keep track of my ingredients and form a recipe to share, I will have to refrain from just smelling spices and throwing a bit of this and that in. I am naturally not a recipe follower, I like freedom in cooking and I never did like to color in the lines. My goal this week is to make a recipe that can be followed by those who enjoy coloring in the lines.

Stay Tuned.